Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
CM Punjab Bike Scheme Installment Plan Ready For Students

CM Punjab Bike Scheme

CM Punjab Bike Scheme The Punjab Chief Minister’s announcement to bring a big scheme for students across Punjab has brought interesting news. The provincial government of Punjab has started giving excellent types of motorcycles to Talwa on Easy Installment. The complete details of the motorcycle scheme have been given to you here. The people who were waiting for it, the students who were waiting for it, got the motorcycle too easily, but the Cabinet on behalf of the Chief Minister of Punjab.

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It has been approved during the meeting And with this step, the youth will get a lot of improvement, motorcycles will be provided to the youth, that too at easy rates This program was started a minute ago because there are many students and many parents who cannot afford the facilities of a bike for their children.

How Many Bikes Distribute In Punjab

While approving this, the Chief Minister of Punjab said in full agreement that during the meeting, he said 20,000 motorcycles would be distributed across Punjab, including 19000 petrol bikes. And out of this, 1000 bikes will be included as electric bikes. The e-bike distribution plan is carefully designed so that these bikes reach those who deserve them. which will cover both urban slums. 50 percent quota for men and 50 percent for women in urban areas.

Promoting gender equality is an important part of the program. People living in slums and their Population is up to 70% So among them 70 percent of motorcycles will be allocated to men and 30 percent to women and the distribution process will be started very soon. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has explained the complete details in simple words.

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Application Procedure

Registration for this scheme in Punjab has not even been fully started. Soon, after the agreement with the Bank of Punjab, the Punjab government will start its registration process, and it will be made very easy.

Students will be able to go to the branch of the Bank of Punjab and submit their application, and after that, the application will be processed, and the supply of these bikes is assured. Later, this program will also be started in Surah, Pakistan. More information and details have been given here. You can get complete information in Ehsan words.

Easy Installment Plan through BOP

Down Payment: Rs. 25,000 (as stated with the aid of The News International

Rs. 10,000 per month

For Petrol Bikes: Rs. 5,000 per month

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has said in her speech that it was necessary to start this program to reduce the financial pressure of the students and to get them out of the financial burden. They should at least be given a motorcycle with faith and not have a financial burden on them, so the program was started to reduce the financial burden. After reducing the financial burden, its complete details are available here. It has been stated.

CM Punjab Bike Scheme Installment Plan Ready For Students

How To Deliver Bikes To The People

The distribution process should be clear and fair. It has been emphasized that all the eligible candidates will be assured of distribution, and there will be a chance that the bike will be delivered to them. The distribution of bikes will start this month. The complete procedure will be announced before Eid. How can you get your registration in it? How can you get complete information?

Final Words

Those students who are studying are facing many transport problems, so the Pakistan government has announced that it will give free motorcycles throughout Punjab. It is so easy at the same time that you can also fill it out every month. Bank of Punjab is being done in it, you can get your registration done, and you can get your bike through a loan. To get a motorcycle, you have to follow simple steps. Those students and students who are poor are eligible and those whose parents have a poverty score of less than 40% will be included in this program.

Those students will be able to get motorcycles from this program. To get a motorcycle, you have to register yourself. For more information and details you can visit our website

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