Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
CM Punjab Bike Scheme 20,000 Bikes Announce For Students

CM Punjab Bike Scheme

CM Punjab Bike Scheme On behalf of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, for the development of the youth, free motorbikes have been organized for the students of Punjab province. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif approved this initiative in the cabinet meeting

Chief Minister Punjab aimed to provide affordable transport to all the students in the region to facilitate their journey. For this reason, the motorcycle is held without interest This scheme not only fulfills the transportation and transportation needs of the students but also reduces the financial burden by providing them with free motorbikes.

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CM Bike Scheme Installment Plan

The distribution of motorcycles in the province of Punjab will be conducted transparently and fairly to ensure equal opportunity to all the eligible candidates and to maintain the transparency process of this program, the loan of motorcycles will be started in May 2024. Its distribution has started this month. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has said to ensure the process of providing all the information to the people

Monthly Installment

  • The monthly installment for electric bikes will be Rs.10 thousand.
  • Meanwhile, the monthly installment of petrol motorbikes has been fixed at five thousand rupees.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz says that the monthly installment should be reduced to a minimum, due to which the financial pressure on the students will be reduced.

Which students are eligible to take part in the CM Bike Scheme?

Maryam Nawaz announced in her speech that all the eligible students would be given motorbikes and the eligibility criteria for getting the motorbikes was set for all the students who after entering the statement. Following are the students who meet the eligibility criteria to get an electric bike

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  • Those students who live in villages and go to cities for education will be given a motorcycle.
  • Motorcycles will be given to students who are pursuing their studies and facing financial difficulties.
  • Under this program, electric motorbikes will be given to poor students who pursue their education in schools and colleges and have to rely on cars or rickshaws due to long distances.
  • These motorbikes will not only be provided to students, electric motorbikes are an important facility for students
  • Using this they can improve their journey

How many Bikes are Distributed?

Under this motorbike scheme, 20,000 bikes will be distributed, of which 19,000 will be petrol motorbikes. The remaining 1,000 electric motorbikes will be included in the CM motorbike. It has been carefully planned so that even those who live in cities and are poor can also get motorbikes.

Bhai bikes will be distributed equitably 50% for men living in the city and 50% for women while 70% of bikes will be distributed among men living in villages and 30% of bikes will be distributed among women.

Advantages Of The Electric CM Bike Scheme  

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz announced in her address to the National Assembly that the scholars who study in college live a difficult life. motorcycle distribution will be organized to meet their needs So that they can study in college

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They live their lives easily after getting a motorbike so that they can focus on their studies after getting a motorbike to make their commute easier. The process of electric motorcycles has been started in the country of Pakistan, you can ensure the journey after charging.

What is the difference between an electric bike and a petrol motorbike?

Daily use of a petrol motorbike costs around Rs 300 per liter of petrol per day. And apart from that oil puncture filters etc. also become almost more expensive

An electric motorbike is charged only once a day and it also costs up to one and a half units of electricity. Charging an electric motorbike requires a day unit of electricity. The cost of charging an electric motorbike is up to Rs 30 to 35rupees. Compared to this, petrol motorbikes cost a lot so you can live your life by saving on your expenses.

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