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Pre-Registration of BISP Program Thraough Dynamic Survay 

BISP Program 

In the BISP program, you can do your pre-registration dynamic survey. If you haven’t done your dynamic survey then after reading this article you will be able to do your registration easily. Here you are explained step-by-step things for registration. 

After reading this you can get your registration done easily so skipping this article can be harmful for you. Because it contains all the information from registration in the BISP program to getting assistance money.

Dynamic Survey

What is Dynamic Survey Dynamic Survey will check your eligibility if you are registering yourself in the BISP programme. So you will send your National Identity Card number to 8171 through the 8171 SMS service. So as soon as you send, you’ll be notified immediately if you’ve done your dynamic survey. 

You are eligible for this program Dynamic Survey which was conducted before starting the BISP program. Through this, the school of poverty was checked for eligible families or not for this program. Their name was entered If you have done your dynamic survey, you can easily check your eligibility at home.

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Pre-Registration of BISP Program Thraough Dynamic Survay 

Registration Procedure 

What is the registration procedure for the BISP program? How you can get your registration in BISP program For BISP program registration you will first go to BISP program office. If you cannot visit the office, you can also register online using the 8171 web portal. 

And you can also use the 8171 SMS service. What are the registration procedures if you want to go physically then you can go to the office and ensure your registration easily. Get grant money online registration procedure is further explained to you below.

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Eligibility Criteria 

  • If you are registering yourself in the BISP program then, first of all, you should check whether you are eligible for this program or not. 
  • If you do not qualify for this program, you will not be registered in this program. 
  • So to save your time you can first check your eligibility and whether you are eligible for this program or not first your poverty score is checked. 
  • Which must be less than 30% of yours or 30%. 
  • After that what is your monthly income which should not be more than 50 thousand. 
  • You also need a certificate of whether you have taken a loan from a bank or not. 
  • That is also checked as well and all the information is checked by you as per the requirements. 
  • If you get registered in this program then you can easily get the grant money.

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Final Words

You have done your registration easily by following the procedure given in this article. So if you have not seen or read this article completely then you are requested to read this article with the complete explanation. This article describes the registration procedure, and how to conduct a dynamic survey. 

What is a Dynamic Survey? All that information is explained here with clarity, you can solve all your problems after reading the article. By ensuring your registration in the BISP program launched by the Government of Pakistan, you can get the assistance amount which is being provided Rs.10500.

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