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Verification Process In Punjab Bike Scheme By Maryam Nawaz

Punjab Bike Scheme

If you live in Punjab then giving you a new update that the Punjab Government and the Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz have started the bike scheme in Punjab. Which is for students who don’t have enough money to buy a bike to go to their school. So the Punjab government is starting the Punjab bike scheme considering this problem. 

If you want to register yourself in this scheme, then the verification process in this program is also explained to you in this article. You can easily get your registration done and get the bike by reading this article.

Verification Process

What is the verification process If you live in Punjab then you should go to the Bank of Punjab as soon as possible there you will be given an application form in which you have to enter some personal information which is proof of your student status. 

You have to write all the information about which school you are studying or which college you are studying on this application form. And submit as soon as you submit you will be registered in this program. You will be able to easily get a bike through the bike scheme provided by the Punjab government and create convenience for yourself.

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Verification Process In Punjab Bike Scheme By Maryam Nawaz

Eligibility Criteria 

How you can get these bikes How you can check whether you are eligible for this bike scheme or not First of all let us tell you. That if you study in a private school or study in a private college then you will not be eligible for this program. Because this scheme has been started by the Punjab government, you will be able to get a bike through this bike scheme while complying with the requirements of the Punjab government. 

If you study in a public school, study in a public college, study in a public university. So you can easily get these bikes if your monthly income is more than 50 thousand. Even then you will not be provided bikes through this scheme. Your monthly income should be less than 50 thousand. If your poverty score should be less than 30 percent then you can get a bike through this program.

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Registration Procedure 

  • Now it comes to how you will get your registration in the Bikes Scheme. 
  • For registration, when you study in a government school, you will produce a student certificate. 
  • After producing the student certificate you will go to the Bank of Punjab where you will be provided with an application form. 
  • You have to write your personal information on this application form. 
  • And how much is your monthly income you have to provide proof of it. 
  • According to all the requirements you have to fill out this application form then you will submit it. 
  • So you will receive a message after a day or two stating that you are eligible for this program. 
  • So one can get a bike through a bike scheme and make their life easier.

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Final Words

As you have been told the complete registration procedure in this article, is how you can register yourself in the bikes scheme launched by the Punjab government while living in Punjab. How you can get the bikes all the information is given to you in detail here. 

If you have read this article with a complete explanation then you will be able to do your registration easily. If you have not read the article, you may face difficulties during registration. So you should read this article with a complete explanation and confirm your registration.

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